Harbour West nurtures our national and global connections with leaders in academe, health, government, public service and business who are possible candidates, leads or informants to our work. Our networks grow exponentially during the course of each search as we utilize our established personal contacts with market leaders to ensure that our practice is supported, valuable, and competitive. We create a customized database for the search, drawing from our existing contacts, directories, membership lists, and websites – we do not rely on dated information. We are committed to diligently following up with any internal recommendations.

  • Meeting #1

    At this first meeting we introduce the search team, discuss search parameters, and agree on the complete search timeline. In addition, we develop the role’s Position Profile while identifying the key challenges, opportunities and responsibilities associated with the role. It is here where we establish the candidate requirements and qualifications.
  • Meeting #2

    At this second meeting, we begin by reviewing the recruiting process to-date. We also review of the Long List of potential candidates and identify who will be pursued further. It is at this meeting that we establish the parameters for the 'candidate experience' and begin the development of the interview questions.
  • Meeting #3

    At this third meeting we perform an evaluation of intermediate candidates, including review of preliminary interview reports and reference letters. It is here that we establish the Short List candidates, finalize the interview questions, and discuss interviewing techniques.
  • Interviews

  • Meeting #4

    At this fourth meeting we review the external input received from public presentation (if applicable). We then have an in-depth group discussion and ranking of the Short List candidates. At this point we will establish the final reference-checking process, including determining candidate specific questions.
  • Reference Checking

  • Follow-Up

    As part of our project wrap-up we work together to consider time-lines and negotiations with the preferred candidate. In addition, we provide an opportunity to share feedback on the search process from the perspective of both the client and the placed candidate.
  • Hire



Harbour West Consulting Inc. is dedicated to placing individuals who are committed to the success of their new organization. Should the chosen candidate fail to meet the requirements of the position requiring their termination for cause within the first twelve months of their employment, we would undertake a new search at no additional cost other than standard office disbursements.