Engaging a Recruitment Firm

We’re proud to present our latest White Paper, with a focus on why and when it makes sense to engage a recruitment firm, particularly if you are in non-profit.

Third-party recruitment may seem like one more way to spend the limited funds of a non-profit budget. Maybe you’re confident you could find someone to fill the position through your own network? Leadership is paramount to the success of any organization. In fact, hiring the executive leader of a non-profit is the biggest decision the board will make. Building out a leadership team, will determine strategic and operational results. Without the right candidates in place there is risk to organizational growth and progress, organizational stability and the ability to build longer partnerships and stakeholder (including funder!) engagement. Leaving all hiring to the board and staff, solely facilitated by personal connections and/or passive recruitment can be costly, detrimental to organizational culture and often require more time than a structured, supported process. An investment into recruitment provides a unique opportunity to nurture the development of the leadership team, and best support staff and those the organization serves.

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