kirk robinson
Writing an attractive job advertisement that makes the best candidates (job seeking or not) notice isn’t easy.  Oftentimes, job ads are written off the side of a desk, covering only the basics: description, outline, qualifications, etc.  The details are important, but a job ad also
Harbour West understands how important each search is to the employer. At our firm, brand awareness isn’t just a buzzword; its knowledge about what makes each client unique. We make sure every search is tailored to the individual organization’s needs, and is led by our
Looking forward to reading: University Leadership and Public Policy in the Twenty-First Century: A President’s Perspective (By Peter MacKinnon) Canadian universities face a complicated and uncertain future when it comes to funding, governance, and fostering innovation. Their leaders face an equally complicated future, attempting to
Harvard Business Review outlines what top candidates are looking for in prospective employers (and it’s not just wealth accumulation and career advancement!) Read the original article, Headhunters Reveal What Candidates Want here.